Davina Alise 
Renaldo Everett is an outstanding photographer with a creative mind. I have had the pleasure to work with him to build my model portfolio. He does well with shooting angles and making sure that the model is very comfortable. Renaldo makes your pictures “Picture Perfect” with his amazing editing skills. He makes sure his work is not over Photoshopped and that they look as “Natural” as possible. He also uses his creative skills by creating a graphic design for your use, community projects, as well as websites. His prices are very reasonable and you will receive quality photos. The name “Renaldo Creative” definitely fits his personality as well as his image.
Davina Alise – Model and ECU Graduate
Monisha Holley 
Renaldo Creative is a wonderful person to work with. He is easy to get along with, shoots at excellent angles, and his shots look outstanding even before the retouches. His retouches are extraordinary and I love working with him. He makes sure his models are comfortable and taken care of properly. I hope to work with Renaldo Creative in the future!!
Monisha Holley -Model and Fashion Student at North Carolina State University
Aiva Valor 
Renaldo is a talented, creative photographer. He was very professional. My time working with him was fun, easy, and I was comfortable.
Aiva Valor Fashion Designer and Model
Nalanie Bracha 
Renaldo is one of the most talented, most laid back Artist around. I had fun on our photo shoot. Thank you have MAD SKILLS. Can’t wait till our next shoot
Nalanie-Model and Fashion Designer
Clinton Powell of 5 Alarm Records
His talents are an amazing man. The picture is Paramount you know what I’m saying. But the cat is really talented. I’m very proud of him you know.
Clinton Powell-Music Producer
Jena Perez 
It was great, He had great ideas and what direction he wanted me to go in.
He was very nice and professional. I had a great time.
Jena Perez-Singer and Song Writer
Lauren Lyrics
I love it, he amazing, he wonderful to work with and he always friendly and very helpful. He an amazing photographer.
Lauren Lyric (Model/Criminal Justice Student at ECU East Carolina University
Ceddy J 
Renaldo Creative Photography is one of the photographers in the industry who not only captures great images, but also each person’s inner greatness. He is a great example of the great asset North Carolina talent is key for the modeling industry to survive.
Cedric Collier (Radio Personality and owner of www.duskspot.com)
Che’ Basnight 
I think it’s great that Renaldo has many different things that bring light on him and others. He progresses in other things he just doesn’t focus on taking pictures n designs to. That’s what makes him creative.
Model/U.S Army
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